Gun Run Training Resumes

11 Sep, 2013
Author: Peter

After a month or so of slacking, I'm back on track with my training for the Gun Run half-marathon in October... read more

Woolworths Canned Soups

29 May, 2013
Author: Peter

With winter closing in there's nothing better than a hot bowl of soup. Mind you, be careful what you wish for as there are soups and there are soups... read more

Noob to Novice

21 May, 2013
Author: Peter

A year ago I hated running. I was doing it wrong... read more

Frigid Threats

04 Apr, 2013
Author: Peter

Keeping your food safe in the office fridge can be hard work. It can also be kinda fun... read more


13 Jan, 2013
Author: Peter

So my lease at my current flat is up next month and that means diving back into the cesspit that is the property rental market... read more

Toyota 86

4 Jan, 2013
Author: Peter

The Toyota 86; I'm in love and it is going to happen.... read more

Link Disavowal

17 Oct, 2012
Author: Peter

The exact functions of the new link disavowal tool from Google have been well discussed. I won't delve into this too deeply, but if you've missed this I'd recommend watching the below... read more

Raspberry Pi

13 Oct, 2012
Author: Peter

Continuing in my line of slightly-late-to-the-party posts (last week touching on HTML and CSS), today's post is about the Raspberry Pi... read more

Inaugural Post

11 Oct, 2012
Author: Peter

I bought almost a year ago and I haven't done much with it until now. My initial plan was to simply throw up a wordpress install and create a personal blog... read more

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